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Buy Refurbished and Used Laptops

Our team of professional experts make used laptops like brand new both in looks and in capacity. Get reliable and affordable laptops for your business and education from us.

Computer Accessories

We sell all kinds of computer accessories including Keyboards, Mouses, Mics, Web Camera, Speakers, Graphics Cards, RAM, SSD Hard Disks, etc.

Chip Level Service

Motherboard or Processor problem, we handle them with professional quality, people from all over TamilNadu send their computers, laptops to us for chip level service .

Software Installation

Windows got corrupted, Virus Problem, We solve them all with your data backup. Don't loose your precious data and information, we will handle it for you.

CCTV Setup

Want a secure and reliable CCTV setup for your business, school or home. We do all kinds of CCTV setup, both simple and complex.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals.